Connecting Smart Farmers with Smart Solutions to hack one of New Zealand's

biggest environmental issues, water.

3 - 5 May 2018


What's a hackathon?

AgTech Hackathon: Manawatu presented by CEDA and powered by Microsoft, Accelerate25 and BCC connects smart farmers with smarter on-farm solutions. The Hackathon will enable our farming community to present on-farm opportunities and challenges to technology experts, who can then creatively solve these problems drawing on their hardware and software programming skills together with corporates who use their business experience to bring teams together integrating the bigger picture into their solution.

This year Mat Hocken and James Stewart put a challenge to the local community during New Zealand AgriFood Week, to identify water problems in their day to day lives. Problems were chosen and announced mid-April allowing participants to begin working on solutions before the competition begins.

From May 3rd teams will form, and work will begin on water solutions. Over two days teams will be put to the test where they hack away at their solution, ready to present at Dragons Den on May 5th. 

Successful solutions will lead to business opportunities and products could ultimately end up in market helping to make farmers work more efficiently all around the world. AgTech Hackathon is designed to not only help solve problems, but enable a connection and conversation between our rural and urban communities.


schedule of events

17 april

Join BCC and Microsoft from 6pm at The Factory to become familiar with technology that could be used during AgTech Hackathon. SOLD OUT

3 may

On Thursday evening AgTech Hackathon Manawatu kicks off! Hosted at The Factory, attendants will learn about the programme,form teams and get into tackling issues of the day.  

4 may

Day two of the AgTech Hackathon Manawatu will see teams will work together in a "pressure-cooker" situation to validate their ideas and form the foundations of a business and business model. Coders will be on the other side of the table, crafting their magic. Teams working on prototypes while engaging with mentors, farmers, industry experts and putting together their pitch ready for Saturday. Kicking off early and ending late, day two promises a lot of surprises as well as lots of caffeine!  

5 may

Saturday morning marks the final chance for teams to work on their pitch ahead of Dragon's Den! In the afternoon teams will pitch their final ideas/products to a team of judges to close out AgTech Hackathon.