1. Mapping water flow and direction through compacted and leaky soil

What techniques are there to direct water flow and nutrients in soil layers? Can we create areas to capture nutrients?


2. Monitoring oxygen levels in waterways

How can we monitor water from streams in real time? How can nitrate, phosphate, temperature and oxygen levels be monitored cheaply and effectively.


3. Water storage in 2018. Why?
There is an abundance of water in the Manawatu and other rivers. Yet when there has not been rain for a few months we have water restrictions. How can we store water more effectively?


4. Bio centric wastewater treatment options
How can we eliminate non-biodegradable chemicals, toxic compounds and endocrine disrupting substances from wastewater. 


5. 1 billion tree programme - Where can these trees be successfully planted
Water is important for growing trees, but so are many other factors, such as – afforestation, potential erosion, climate, soil type, land use etc. Where can trees be planted taking into consideration these factors?


6. Safe drinking water in streams - How can I tell?
How do I know whether water in streams is safe to drink? How can the public recognise safe streams vs contaminated streams?  


7. High resolution monitoring of Nitrate leaching
How do we make it more efficient or accurately monitor nitrate leaching across wide areas of land?


8. How does my farm effect quality of water?
Water enters my property through creeks on one boundary, then exits through creeks on another boundary. I would like to think it leaves in the same condition or cleaner that when it enters.


9. Water quality is everyone’s responsibility - How can we educate the masses? 

How do you inform the general public that water quality is not just about blame of specific groups but it is every ones responsibility.


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