AgTech Hackathon 2019 Award Winners


First Place


Challenge: How can we use technology to efficiently and accurately monitor and report on water quality?

Submitted by: PF Olsen 

Solution: Development of an imaging camera to detect and identify fish species in forest river environments. It's powered by hydro and has the ability to monitor other water quality variables like temperature, pH and periphyton.


Second Place

The Marae

Challenge: Use digital technology to manage the optimal productivity of individual vines/bays within a Kiwifruit Orchard.

Submitted by: Zespri 

Solution: A web app with QR code scanner to track individual orchard vines and optimise Kiwifruit production. 



Third Place

Mixed Trouble

Problem: How can we innovatively leverage technology to train/up-skill farm workers and potentially attract new workers into farming? 

Submitted by: Fonterra

Solution: An AR training app, designed to make training farm workers easier. 



johnelle hosking