Rural NZ has very poor mobile coverage and limited internet coverage. Even within 10 minutes of Palmerston North, the region’s major city, mobile coverage drops away rapidly. And anecdotally for some reason it seems to be getting worse!

We cannot have ‘smart farms’ without the digital infrastructure to enable devices to communicate and transfer data.

Our farmers manage large teams and agri-technology by mobile phone. It is vital that they have quality service to do this effectively. Time and money is lost with every dropped call or slow connection, or inability to run a new app.

Problem Statement

How can we have reliable and fast mobile and internet connectivity for rural NZ?


Need Statement

An innovative solution would include:

  1. a new mobile platform that would enable fast connection of mobile devices on farm

  2. Fast and reliable broad-band connection to network ‘smart farms’ in the Region

Impact Statement

The desired result would be a better platform for communication of data and voice. Less frustration and better productivity. Open up new areas of economic growth – home based businesses for partners etc.