Challenge #5

How can we use digital technology to manage the optimal productivity of individual vines/bays within a kiwifruit orchard?  

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A key goal for kiwifruit growers on-orchard is to increase production while maintaining high standards for fruit quality and reduce variability.  One approach is to be able to manage an orchard at the level of individual vines.

Detailed Challenge Description

A potential solution would allow growers to be out in an orchard and know the previous productivity and fruit quality for an individual vine and then use this information as a basis for management decisions on pruning and crop loading, for optimising productivity.


  • Accurate positioning system (within 10 cm) in an environment where GPS may not work.

  • A system that provides the historical vine production and fruit quality data in real-time, allowing rapid decision making.

  • An interface that is easy for users.

  • Cost effective.


Zespri has some pilot productivity data at this level of resolution, which can be provided.

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