Challenge #1

How can we enable farmers to incorporate leaf stage into their pasture management decisions?


The LIC SPACE system is a tool to help farmers measure their dry matter coverage per hectare on their farm. This is the primary metric used when making grazing decisions. However, leaf stage is an important factor in grazing efficiency which is often disregarded by farmers due to the time and effort currently required to collect and record this information.

Detailed Challenge Description:
LIC believes an innovative solution would include:

  • A way to efficiently and conveniently collect and classify leaf stage data at an individual paddock level

  • A system or tool which accounts for both leaf stage and dry matter in paddock rankings

The desired result would be a tool that farmers could easily use to collate their dry matter and leaf stage data to inform grazing decisions.


More detailed data sets to be provided on the day for the team to work with.

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