The time is here for the second AgTech Hackathon Manawatu. At 6pm Thursday 3 May, The Factory saw 29 people ready to solve water issues. 

7:00PM: Eight people shared their possible water solutions with passion and enthusiasm for their idea. Now to see what ideas participants like best. 

7:15PM: Participants had three chances to choose their favourite ideas. Those not voted on would be left for dust. 

7:45PM: After 30 minutes of deliberation, teams were formed covering six of the solutions pitched. 

7:50PM: Teams work on their business model canvas, getting clear on their value proposition.

8:50PM: One representative from each team checked in with the group, sharing any development of their idea. 

Teams were sent home to rest and recover before a big day of hacking and validating ahead, on Friday 4 May. 




Top Microsoft researchers were on-hand to launch the first AgTech Hackathon Manawatu at BCC (Building Clever Companies) on Friday 24 February.

More than 100 people attended the launch of the AgTech Hackathon. The competition takes everyday on-farm opportunities and challenges and gives them to technology experts who draw on their hardware and software programming skills to creatively solve problems.

johnelle hosking