How Agtech Hackathon 2018 can help you

As we countdown to the launch of the Agtech Hackathon, presented by CEDA and powered by Microsoft, Accelerate25 and BCC, we ask the question ‘Why Hackathon?’

There are many benefits to being involved in a hackathon. If you’re new to the term “hackathon” find out some of our top benefits for being involved below.


2017 contestants, judges and mentors at Central District Feild Days 

2017 contestants, judges and mentors at Central District Feild Days 

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event where computer programmers and others involved in software development, like graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others collaborate intensively on software projects usually over 48-72 hours.

The goal of a hackathon is to create usable software that is new, innovative and solves a problem around a specific focus. Each hackathon has a different focus depending on who is running the event and what their goal is.

How the Agtech Hackathon is different…

The Agtech Hackathon, delivered in conjunction with NZ Agrifood Week, connects IT experts and software developers with smart farmers who have inside knowledge of the problems around their farms. It’s a chance to solve on farm problems, so that farmers can use innovation to bring their business practices into the future.

Now that you know exactly what a hackathon is and how the Agtech Hackathon is different it’s time to find out some benefits of getting involved.

Why get involved in Agtech Hackathon?

 I am a farmer with a specific on-farm problem:

  • Get help from people with software development skills who can hack solutions to on-farm problems.
  • Network with other farmers who face similar problems.
  • Build skills in innovating and problem-solving.
  • Get exposed to local businesses who are already innovating to solve on-farm problems.

I have skills in IT development that can be used to solve problems:

  • Build and test software to help solve real-world problems.
  • Network with other software developers to swap knowledge.
  • Build skills in innovating and problem-solving.
  • Network with local businesses who are already using technology to solve on-farm problems.

I am a business looking for opportunities to collaborate:

  • Get insight into on-farm problems that need solving
  • Network with local software development talent.
  • Professional development for staff around hacking and rapid development.
  • Network with other businesses who are also innovating to solve on-farm problems
Judges deliberating on presentations in 2017

Judges deliberating on presentations in 2017

During Agtech Hackathon you will have access to a pool of mentors with a range of expertise to help you validate and develop your idea/solution. The whole time you’re hacking away at your idea there are people around you who are committed to your success.


Now that you know the top reasons why Agtech Hackathon is right for you it’s time to get involved. 
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