Coffee, brekkie, ice cream and cow poop!

The team left The Factory at 8 am for a tour of Stewart's Dairy Farm.  After fuelling up on some breakfast, coffee and even some ice cream, the team made they way around the farm learning the intricacies of farm life.

James Stewart's 850 dairy cows span two sizeable farms both located within the mighty Manawatu.  If you were ever interested about what it's like to be a dairy cow, get this -

  • Milking (cups on) happens two times a day - 6 am and 3 pm
  • It takes a cow 10 minutes to go around the rotary platform
  • In the 10 minute ride, each cow can eat up to 2kg of feed
  • Most cases, the cow wants to go around again (and why wouldn't you!)
  • During calving, each cow will produce up to 30 litres of milk a day
  • During the day, a cow will eat between 18 and 20 kgs of food (grass, herbs)

This afternoon, teams will be working with Microsoft engineers putting the finishing touches on a weekend full of work.  Pitches are happening on the 17th of March at CD Field Days, so stay tuned.

Dave Craig