6 Teams Battling it Out!

3:45 pm here on 'Day 1' of the Agtech Hackathon Manawatu with a great vibe and atmosphere here at The Factory.

Six teams have formed and have been working throughout the day with help from farm and business mentors.

Here's an update on our six teams -

Team: Smart-Farm Solutions
Problem: Electric fences and gates; managing water supply
Automated control of electric fences and gates, manage water flow and identify system problems.

Team: Pasture Solutions
Problem: Measuring Grass
Using laser 3D mapping to measure quality, quantity and density of grass. The platform will measure growth, height and density of pasture.

Team: AgriFlow
Problem: Measuring Grass
Delivering an automated Robotic platform operating sensors to obtain pasture measurements. Data is transmitted to cloud storage for farmers and suppliers to monitor crop cover and health.

Team: StockH2O
Problem: Managing water supply
Helping farmers to stay on-top of their water activity on farm, Stock H2O are developing a water monitoring system that connects and manages water troughs and water flow on farm. Water activity and alerts will be sent straight to a user friendly smartphone app.

Team: Eff-Go
Problem: Managing water supply
Rapid dairy effluent purification system, taking effluent management issues off the table for NZ dairy farmers, eliminating the bacterial and pollution potential of dairy farm effluent, to help keep NZ waters clean.

Team: Sheep Shockzz
Problem: Animal weights
Developing a solution to weigh individual cattle in a paddock.

More updates to come - stay tuned!

Dave Craig