The World’s Smartest Farmers

The world is changing quickly as we move through yet another industrial revolution, this time the revolution is around data. We are seeing tech disrupting just about everything from the way we do business to the way we communicate around the globe.

On the farm while we still have the fundamental principles of growing grass, crops and farming animals, technology now is a big part in our farming systems.

Manawatu Rangitikei Federated Farmers is excited to bring the smartest people involved in technology to the farm connecting the frustrations or dreams of the farmer with the programmer in a Hackathon event during New Zealand AgriFood Investment Week. Agritech has been identified within the opportunities of the Accelerate 25 Regional Economic Growth Initiative. To have Microsoft take so much interest in agritech is exciting especially within this province which has already had its mind opened around economic growth in the region.

The concept of smart or connected farms is to have farms with real solutions that enable farmers to make timely decisions to; maximise resources for production, minimise wastage and reduce environmental footprints. When you think of the fact that man went to the moon with less technology than the smartphones that sit in most of our pockets, we are already in an era of a new generation of smart farm systems. Our farms working with faster information and tools will help farmers who have more responsibility in providing safe product in an environmentally aware society and in a growing legislative world. Much of this technology is also very important for New Zealand's image of having smart, innovative and responsible farmers who export all over the globe with high value product.

I encourage our farming community to get involved with the smart farm movement, get connected, and embrace what is to come.

James Stewart
Manawatu-Rangitikei, Federated Farmers President

Kristi Atkins